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Before you start protecting yourself with oral contraceptives, you need to clearly know how to take hormonal OCs correctly, how long you can take female OCs. How to drink birth control pills is described in detail by the instructions for such drugs.


Contraceptives for women are usually contained in standard blisters containing 21 pills. However, there are exceptions. For example, a blister of Jess tablets, which are recommended for young, nulliparous girls, contains 24 tablets. If a woman is interested in what kind of contraceptive pills after 35 years old it is advisable to take, then the doctor may recommend contraceptives for women after 35 years of Klaira.

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There are 28 of them in a blister. In addition, there are a large number of other pills that are best taken at 25, after 35 years. The names of such drugs, as well as whether you should additionally take vitamins, the specialist will tell you individually.

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It is important not to forget to use hormones, so it is better to keep the pills in a place where the woman will definitely notice them. Hormonal contraceptives for women over 40 and prednisone need to drink one tablet every day until the blister runs out. This is followed by a weekly break. At this time, menstrual bleeding occurs. After 7 days, regardless of whether the bleeding has ended, the use of the tablets must be started again.

So, taking COCs for women at any age - contraceptives for women after 30 years old, and after 50 - should be taken every day, at about the same time. You need to start taking it on the first day to take prednisone.

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If there is a missed appointment, you need to take the pill as soon as possible. An extra pill is drunk if vomiting occurs after taking the drug. But in these two cases, additional protection is needed - for example, you can use condoms.
Even if contraceptives are used for women over 40 years old, it should be borne in mind that additional protection is needed in the first two weeks after starting a new drug.

You should not stop taking pills with the appearance of intermenstrual bleeding. As a rule, a similar phenomenon is noted in the first few months after the start of taking OC and is evidence of a readjustment of the body.

If a doctor recommends pills after age 40, he also takes into account whether the woman has certain chronic diseases and may recommend taking vitamins as well

Be sure to contact a specialist for advice to those who have a pregnancy after 40 years. The doctors' comments will help you choose the right remedy for protection immediately after childbirth.

It should be borne in mind that when COCs are taken simultaneously with a number of other drugs, their effect may weaken.

This information is especially relevant for women over 45 years of age and older, since at this age many women already have chronic diseases and, accordingly, take a variety of medications. Therefore, the names of the drugs that a woman is forced to take must be reported to the doctor who explains how to protect herself. If this interaction occurs, contraceptives for women over 45 years of age or younger may not work well. Therefore, additional protection is needed.

In a standard blister, 28 tablets were mini-drunk.

Those who are interested in when to start drinking hormonal drugs after an abortion should know that they need to start taking them either on the day of the abortion or after a month, when the first menstruation begins.

It should also be remembered that the pills begin to work fully two weeks after the first dose. One hundred percent effectiveness is noted in the second month, provided that the tablets are used correctly.

They should be drunk without interruption, at the same time. Breastfeeding mothers can take mini-pills after childbirth. If a young mother does not practice lactation, then the doctor may recommend her to use low-hormonal Oki (Miniziston, Belara, Regulon). Women who are interested in when to take such drugs after childbirth should take into account that COCs are drunk so as not to get pregnant, already 21-28 days after childbirth.

Before choosing estrogens in pills or other types of COCs, you should consider what side effects from birth control pills can occur.

Of course, every woman would like to use contraceptives without side effects. However, undesirable effects, that is, those manifestations that do not threaten a woman's health, still appear when taking COCs.


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If serious manifestations develop or are constantly disturbed by minor side effects, contraceptive withdrawal is necessary. What kind of oral contraceptives is better to choose in this case, the doctor will tell you.

Regardless of which contraceptive pill is best to choose, according to the doctor, the woman who started taking them should periodically undergo a study to assess her health. This health assessment will help determine the best birth control pill and prevent negative effects on the body.

Absolute contraindications to the use of pure progestins: breast cancer; genital cancer; pregnancy, suspected pregnancy; acute liver ailments; bleeding of unknown origin from the genital tract; vascular and heart disease; ectopic pregnancy in the past.

Before starting to take oral contraceptives, many women look for reviews of birth control pills to find out how safe they are for their health. Nevertheless, no matter what the reviews about oral contraceptives are, you should be aware that with prolonged use, estrogens in pills and other OCs harm the female body.

Inexpensive birth control pills and modern micro-dose birth control pills can be harmful. Therefore, all questions about how much you can drink without interruption such drugs, which is better - a spiral or contraceptive pills, what other methods of contraception can be used, you must definitely ask your doctor during your visit.


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